Introducing Brand Affinity Value

All products, businesses, people, places, & things have some level of “Affinity”, i.e., positive or negative feelings associated with it by others.

Brand Affinity Value measures people’s affinity for virtually anything - on a real-time basis , for example, businesses or stores, national brands, specific products or services, places, events, mobile apps, movies, music, TV shows, causes/charities, people cruises, schools, people (politicians, actors/actresses, musicians, athletes).

The Brand Affinity Value can also be used to measure real-time feedback at live events, cruises, hotels… Brand Affinity Value enables businesses and people to continuously assess and improve how people feel about them.


How does Brand Affinity Value work?

On a scale from -10 (Hate / Dreadful) to +10 (Love / Fantastic) you can provide an Affinity Score for pretty much anything, for example, people (Donald Trump, Tom Brady, Justin Bieber, etc. ); places like your favorite local restaurants or Disneyland; brands like Audi or Apple; products or services such as Amazon Alexa, Google Home, ADP Home Security, etc.

The Affinity Value provides a numeric average or index, for example, +6.5, as well as a total Brand Affinity Value, based an patent-pending Affinity Value Scoring Formula. To an extent, Affinity Value, represents the ‘brand’ value of a business, organization, destination, professional or personal brand.

Affinity / Brand Influencers (i.e., opinion providers) need to register their name and email address (free) so they cannot “vote” multiple times on the same person, place or thing. (You can however change your affinity score over time.)


How to participate in or start an Affinity Poll?

Anyone can create or participate in an “Affinity Poll”. Just enter the name of the business, place, product, service and select the appropriate classification. The system will do a quick search to see if there is already an existing Affinity Poll related to your subject of interest. If there is, please feel free to participate on the existing Affinity Poll and provide your opinion.

If there is no existing Affinity Poll, click below or in the Header to “Create a New Affinity Poll” related to a person, place or thing, public entities or people.

Note: Affinity Value is reserved for only public entities, people in the public eye, or for individuals who want to create a personal AffinityPage and make it publicly available.

Create a New Affinity Poll

How to Create or Claim Your Brand AffinityPage?

Any person or business can create an “Affinity Page” for their business, themselves, or can claim a pre-existing Affinity Page specific to your business or organization. Creating a new Affinity Page also automatically creates an associated Affinity Poll for that Business, Product, Place, Person, etc.

The Affinity Poll will be on the page and can then be shared with your friends, customers, political constituents, etc. The Affinity Poll cannot be removed from an Affinity Page.

Note: You cannot create an Affinity Page for a non-public person (for your Aunt Mary for example), but you can create an Affinity Poll for any public entity, product or public person that doesn’t already have one.

Create an Affinity Page for Your Business, Organization or Yourself